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To say it in Bowie words: We can be heroes, just for one day.

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  • Credits

    Client: Google in partnership with DRK
    Creative Director: Till Heumann
    Copy & Concept: Frederik Oesterlin
    Planning Director & Brand Consultant: Philipp Schwartz
    Art Director: Niko Pelz
    Production Company: Lux von Morgen
    Director: Kerstin Lorenzen
    Edit: John Freigang, Timo Schädel
    VFX & Animation: Matthias Lein, Timo Schädel
    Research: Kerstin Lorenzen, Till Thomson, Kristina Neurohr
    Talent Scouting: Kerstin Lorenzen, Kristina Neurohr
    Rights clearance & Licensing: Kerstin Lorenzen, Till Thomson, Kristina Neurohr
    Executive Producer: Kristina Neurohr
    Co-Production (Live Action): Modest Department
    Directing DP: Gerrit Piechowski
    Producer: Franzis Walther
    Executive Producer: Johannes Lehmann
    1st AD: Sandro Rados
    2nd Unit Camera: Julius Krappe
    Tonstudio: German Wahnsinn
    Sounddesign: Philipp Feit