Side by side with creative supermind Jan Sheperd we realized this film for Sugru. Thanks for the earworm Michael Fakesch!

Fun fact 1: Our hand model is a magician. Fun fact 2: There is a chicken with a Sugru leg.
Fun fact 3: After watching our film the NASA brought Sugru into space.

  • Credits

    Sugru "Wonderstuff"
    Client: Sugru
    Agency: Foundry Berlin
    Film - & Post Production: Lux von Morgen
    Director: Jan Schöttler
    DOP: Jannik Nolte/Daniel Obradovic
    Lighting Technician: Gunnar Jacobsen
    Actor & Magician: Oliver Pfundt
    Music & SFX: Michael Fakesch
    Producer: Kristina Neurohr