Van Data

Van Data is an art director, illustrator and artist based in Hamburg. He studied communication design at the Univeristy of Applied Siences in Augsburg Germany.

Later he co-founded one of the first online magazines for illustration named "castlemagazine". During the last 10 years he has now worked for several Ad agencies as a creative teamplayer and is currently freelancing. Due to his earlyexperiences in graffiti some of his artworks include rough parts influenced by urban impressions. Most of his pieces are handmade and produced with pencils, watercolor, ink and Photoshop.

He works for clients in the fields of advertising, editorial, graphicdesign and motionpicture.As an illustrator and artdirector his main intention is to give special awareness to brands & campaigns through strong illustrative visuals combined with target oriented ideas.

Kurzer Erklärfilm zum Thema Polyamorie.

  • Credits

    Animation & Illustration: Van Data Creative studio: Vandata

Balloon ist eine iOS-App, die durch reduziertes UI-Design und einfache Navigation den Einstieg in die Meditation erleichtert. Die Kurse und Einzelmeditationen zu vielen Alltagsthemen wurden von Deutschlands führenden Achtsamkeits-Experten konzipiert und eingesprochen.

  • Credits

    Client: Greenhouse Inovation Labs / G&J
    Role: Illustration & Animation
    Year: 2017
    Art direction: Peter Fehler

Design, Icons und Animations for the launch of Summit - the first Smartwatch of Montblanc. The black and white motiondesign takes a focus on the funcionality of this beauty.

  • Credits

    Client: personal project
    Role: typography, illustration
    Year: 2018

Development of a new uniform illustration guideline for a big german financial company. Several icons, illustrations and themes as a result of the new visual direction.

  • Credits

    Client: Union Investemnt
    Role: illustration and visual concept
    Year: 2017
    Agency: Ulli Neutzling

Google – Explainer

  • Credits

    Client: Google
    Producing: Lux von Morgen
    Role: Illustration, Animation